Poetry Corner:The Scream

The Scream

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The Scream

The world melts around him,
bleeding into swirls of hot, dripping colors.
He opens his mouth
into a silent scream.His hands squeeze his head,
as he tries to block out the apocalypse.
He is standing on a bridge
as the world collapses around him.
He is holding his head
to keep the world he knows upright.But it is futile.
The sky is falling, his world swallows him.
He is struggling to hold on
as he screams his silent scream,
as two figures in black behind him look on calmly.

They are ready for this.
They are prepared.
They just stand there waiting.
As the sky explodes.
As the man is screaming.
As the colors melt
into sticky goo.
They just stand there waiting

Written by Hailey Ngo

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