Daein The Washin

Happy Mother’s Day wherever you are.

Parents who have self- isolated may not have their adult ‘children’ with them. Those who do and who may have students returned for college/university take note that doing your own laundry has been voted the third worst thing about leaving home.

Top of the poll was cleaning and cooking.

Even for those in their 30s – doing your own washing is seen as the worst household chore.

It’s a fascinating result given that all you do is stick it in the machine and turn it on. Gone are the days of the washing board or twin tub and the fun of the wringer.That process took hours to do.

The difficulties of a tub wringer. The convenience of a bench wringer

The difficulties of a tub wringer. The convenience of a bench wringer. Boston Public Library

The research was conducted by Beko and found that men were more likely to get their parents to do their washing – even when they had their own place. – 42% of Scots will even travel an hour to get this done.

So if parents have their children at home – whatever age – take this opportunity to introduce them to the washing machine and how to use it. Lifelong skills.


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  1. Our extensive family (from Glasgow, Aberdeen and Leith) met at our folk’s croft near Stromness many summers after WW2 – where laundry and outhouse facilities sometimes proved problematic!. In my teens I had to escape from Scotland because of nationalist actions (young can read about that in RETIRED TERRORIST): I went to Occupied Germany before living in the US (read about that in RUNNING A MASSAGE PARLOR) and finally ending up in Kiwi Land (I told about some of these wonderful islands in OPERATION NEW ZEALAND). The first two of these books each had a chapter about THE OUTHOUSE and “SECRECY UP NORTH.” I hope some folks might appreciate them!

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