Gadgets You Thought You Would Never Need

In difficult times it is the little things which are important.

gadget 1

Before we were confined to barracks one of the simple pleasures was visiting the ZeroWaste Yard in Stromness and having a good rummage.

It was there where I came upon this gadget:

gadget 2

I bought it for a few pence because I was curious. By the way there is always someone helpful there (in normal times) to help you out and he did tell me what it was for.

boiled eggs

For decades I have used a knife but there is something so simply satisfying when the egg is sliced through.

gadget 3gadget 4

“You and I, we are simple things
Oh, simple things we are
Feel the sun and all the joy it brings
To the simple things we are
Water rushing from a spring
Is the simple thing we are”

Songwriters: Craig Morris Reid / Charles Stobo Reid

Simple Things lyrics © Hornall Brothers Music Ltd., Hornall Brothers Music Ltd

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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