Schrodinger’s Virus: #Covid19 #Coronavirus


We all have Schrodinger’s Virus now.

Because we cannot get tested, we cannot know whether we have the virus or not.

We have to act as if we have the virus so that we don’t spread it to others.

We have to act as if we’ve never had the virus because if we didn’t have it, we’re not immune.

Therefore, we both have and don’t have the virus. Thus Schrodinger’s Virus.

If you don’t understand this joke, you’re never allowed to talk about science again.

[Thank you to Bernie Bell for sending this on to The Orkney News]

social distance Stewart Bremner Covid 19

credit Stewart Bremner

Thank you to Stewart Bremner for the use of the graphics

Stay at Home Brodgar Covid 19 by Stewart Bremenr

Art work by Stewart Bremner

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