Nature Notes From Close To Home –  Buds!

By Bernie Bell

Our biggest Balfour Willow – with its ‘Pussies’…

Buds on Balfour Willow B Bell

Why ‘Balfour’ willow? I don’t know – I tried to find the origin of the name, but couldn’t!  All I could find, is that coastal willow or Hooker’s willow is sometimes wrongly identified as Balfour willow.  Do any Orkney News readers know more?

Catkins on our oldest Alder…

catkins on Alder B Bell

This Alder is at least fifteen years old, but it’s only about four feet tall. The prevailing Westerly winds, mean that it’s grown sideways, and the catkins are right on the ends of the farthest branches, presumably because they are, to some extent, protected from the wind, by the rest of the tree?

The fresh green of the Rosa Rugosa buds – they almost look good enough to eat………..

Rosa Rugosa buds B Bell

A modest little Spirea – catching the light….

Spirea buds B Bell

A wire fence, becomes a Honeysuckle hedge – with time and patience…..

honeysuckle B Bell

Our dark Elder, manages to survive the Orkney winters, in a sheltered corner by the compost bins…..

dark elder B Bell

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    • Egg-zactly – that’s why I put these together.

      And the birds are collecting nesting material – looking ahead.

      • Hmm…thinking about it…maybe not so much a case of looking ahead, as working with where they are now.
        Good idea.

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