Nature Notes From Close To Home – Birds!

By Bernie Bell

Pics. by McB

In the Sycamore – three Redwing and a male Blackbird.  The Blackbird was not pleased – they were a bit too close to home – his territory is in the ‘jungle’, just up from the sycamore.  We’ve seen Mrs Blackbird collecting nesting material and going in there with it.

Blackbirds have very expressive body language  – there was a lot of tail flicking and head cocking, when he was perched along from the Sycamore. Then, he flew right in among the Redwings as if to say “Oy – clear off!!!”

garden birds  Mike Bell

credit: Mike Bell

Redwings are such smart birds – as can be seen in this pic – and, how they come to be called Redwing!

Redwing garden bird M Bell

credit: Mike Bell

Who needs to roam from home? It’s all there – outside your house. And, if you don’t live in the countryside, there are the sparrers, starlings, pigeons. If you’re very lucky, you could see a bird of prey –

Life – lives!

Ed’s comment: we humans had become so noisy we were unable to hear what was all around us.

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  1. As so often the case you’re dead right, a couple of weeks ago watched two cock robins having a territorial on our drying green, interloper had fled by the time I got my camera.