Join Musician Emma Russell with her Sunday Soothers

Emma Russell is an Orcadian musician and writer.  Emma is using her music and writing to help others. She is currently raising funds with her song ‘Dignity’ for the homeless in Edinburgh working together with Cyrenians.

Emma said:

“My songs have been played on the radio here on BBC Radio Orkney and at other radio stations in Scotland like CamGlen radio and Amazing Radio.

“I do a weekly show live, usually at the weekend, Sunday 12th 8PM UK time on my facebook page. It is free and it is called Sunday Soothers.

“If you think anyone on Orkney could benefit from a free live show, soothing and child friendly, then please pass on the info or check me out tomorrow.”

You can listen in and find out more on Emma’ Facebook page.

Emma Russell musician



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