Poetry Corner: PSW

A few years ago my 17yr old daughter who was working in the care sector at the time was asked by special request of a client to go give a makeover. This was no ordinary make over as it was to be the last one the client would ever receive. I asked my family member how on earth did she manage to do it; “well I would just like to think that someone would do it for my Granny.” came her reply

Whoever of us knew that three letters would come to mean so much; PPE (personal protective equipment).

Here are another three letters PSW (personal support worker).

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Wikimedia commons


It takes a special person

To do the job we do

Our job isn’t easy

We could use some help too.

Sometimes we get yelled at

Honestly that’s okay

We come home bruised and battered

But they don’t mean to act that way

Some say our job is crappy

For us that isn’t true

Someone has to do it

One day we may need them too.


Our heart and soul are with us

In every task we do

We only hope that someday

Someone will care for us that way too

Be proud of what you do

No matter big or small

Always hold your head high

That’s what makes you PSW strong

By Amanda Ogden

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  1. This says it so well for all those who are sacrificing so much for all of us now. Thank you, Helen.

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