How Not To Make A Face Mask

By Bernie Bell

I’m not good at making things.  I’m good at mending – I can do a mend that you can’t even see – but I’m not good at making things. In needlework at school, I made a skirt which ended up with a seam running diagonally across the front, when the sewing machine ran away with me.  And this was pre Vivienne Westwood.

But, I wanted to make a mask for Mike.  I stay home, just walking out from our house, in the countryside, where, if I meet folk, we have the space to keep our distance, and shout hello to each other, so I don’t really  need a mask. Mike only goes out once a week, to the Stromness Co-op for shopping – he says the Stromness Co-op is very well organized and is doing it right.  Still, Nicola Sturgeon has now strongly advised that folk wear a mask, when in a situation where there are a number of people, and real distancing could be  difficult – such as shopping.

If we ordered masks, we wouldn’t have one in time for this Saturday’s shopping, so I decided to try to make one.

I don’t have bits of material lying around, as…I don’t make things!  I found the tie-back of a curtain, which we don’t use. I unstitched along one edge of it, and opened it up. I then brought the sides in, and sewed them. Then I added elastic, and made….a terrible mess!!! Mike patiently tried it on – it gaped at the sides,  didn’t fit, was just….wrong.

He suggested that I could kind of tuck the sides in a bit, but then, it was too tight at the back. So, I reluctantly gave up on it.

He’s going  to wear my ‘Yasser Arafat’ scarf instead – as long as the folk at the Co-op don’t think he’s robbing them!

Mike Bell in Scarf by B Bell Covid19

Yasser Arafat meets Peaky Blinders

I think, all in all, unless you’re good with your needle, and know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to buy proper face masks.

I can’t make things – but I can dance my ass off!

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  1. Hey Bernie, that’s a shame about your early attempts at sewing but you should feel good you should know that there is no greater compliment than being copied.

  2. To be honest, this is probably as good as a bought mask for a once a week trip out. Most people using masks aren’t using them properly and at least you can easily sling this into the wash at 60 degrees when you get it home.