Connecting Scotland: Supporting Citizens To Get Online

fibre optic cable internetHelping people to get online who cannot afford to is the aim of a new Scottish Government Scheme: – The Connecting Scotland Programme.

Local councils and Third Sector organisations will identify people in their local community who they understand to be unable to get online. It is estimated that 9,000 people will benefit from the scheme.

Those who decide to take part in the Programme will be offered a device with a mobile internet data package which will be delivered to them in their homes.

They will also be able to access the support of a Digital Champion who will guide them through working online and accessing information. The Digital Champions will also receive training in how best to support those taking part.

The Connecting Scotland Programme has £5million worth of funding and will run for 6 months initially.

The Programme is a follow on from a successful pilot programme which was trialled in Glasgow.

To find out more click on this link: Connecting Scotland

It has become clear during the Covid19 lockdown that access to online resources has been crucial for accessing information, support and keeping people in touch. The Orkney News, as an online media platform, was set up over 3 years ago as a not for profit company and provides free access to all its publications: on its website, across social media and YouTube.



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  1. I trust that young students from deprived areas will get this help first to let them keep-up with schoolwork being provided by their teachers on-line?????

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