Blaze Dog Detective: A Book Review The Magic Flag Mystery

When Mum told me that I had friends starring in their own books I was mega excited, when she said that she’d bought the first one and that we’d review it; well I pranced and danced until I was dizzy. Here it is…..

Synopsis from the book: “When the famous Fairy Flag of the Clan MacLeod disappears from a locked room at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, the police immediately call in Blaze Dog Detective….After all his scenting skills on the Island are legendary. With his team Rosa, Rory and wee brother Laoch, Blaze leads the chase to rescue this magical flag before it can be spirited away from the Island for good.”

Blaze Dog Detective

Blaze Dog Detective: The Magic Flag Mystery by Lin Anderson & Donald McKay

For both Adults and Children alike:

Set on the alluring Isle of Skye which is situated off the West Coast of Scotland; this book pulls you in straight away with it’s introduction to the main character; Blaze, a Border Collie turned Dog Detective*, his little brother Laoch, another Border Collie and their Dad. The description of the two dogs allows you to easily visualise them throughout the book. You don’t have to wait long before you experience the excitement through Blaze; of Granny Beaton arriving noisily via a red motorbike which is carrying the story’s other intrepid heroes; Rosa and Rory.

The story is set around the theft of The Fairy flag from the drawing room of Dunvegan Castle; the flag which is much beloved of the Islanders, is said to have magical qualities with Island folklore at it’s heart; therefore it’s theft is a direct attack on a piece of Skye’s ancient history. No stone can be left unturned until the flag is found and returned to it’s rightful place.

The adventure we are taken on now has a little of everything, magic, mystery, danger, rescue, with enough excitement and intrigue to keep you turning the pages, either for yourself or on behalf of the eager ears that you may be reading to.  I can well imagine them keeping shouting more, just one more chapter please, just one more…….,  You can easily do this as the chapters are kept short however be warned there are more than a few cliffhangers to leave you dangling….. or depending on your age, keep reading by phone torch underneath the covers. I know that this is very likely what I would have done as a child, shhh…! No matter your age and no doubt I am a little older than many that shall read this book, you will find yourself being pulled into the narrative. This is in no small part due to the fascinating understanding and insight that the author has for the dogs. This enables you  to visualise every look, cock of the head, growl or whimper; allowing you the ability to imagine everything through their eyes; because of this you are able to get right inside Blaze’s thought process and how through their bond you don’t question the fact that Rosa and Blaze can in fact communicate.

I loved this book, you come away from it feeling that you have lived a little of Island life. I am sure that if you have not done so already you will have a great desire to visit Skye and discover it for yourself. Having done so we can highly recommend it and I for one cannot wait to return.

Portree Skye

Thank you for taking us on this adventure with you. Oh how my heart pounded for Blaze as I imagined being in some of the scary situations with him. Mum says I’ve to rate this book, I can easily give it the full Paws

*Blaze’s qualifications for becoming a Dog Detective were gained after displaying his prowess for detecting whilst helping the Skye and Lochaber police find a missing person.

It has to be said that it’s very strange reading a book in which you know some of the characters, but it really made it all the more exciting, here’s me with Blaze and Laoch.

Bandit, Blaze and Laoch

Photo by Bob Moss

Review by Helen Armet & Bandit.

The Magic Flag Mystery

Blaze ‘n’Trails

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Lin Anderson

Illustrations by Bronwyn Gilgallon

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