Some Thoughts On The Power Behind The Throne

By Bernie Bell

This is very much an opinion piece – just my opinion – and I am well aware that my spouting off like this, won’t change a goddam thing.  Just presenting some thoughts………..

There’s a lot being said about Dominic Cummings not having been elected by the public, but still appearing to be running the country, through our titular Prime Minister.

Though in favour of being in the European Union myself, I realise that many people wanted out, because, in their view, Britain was being governed by unelected bureaucrats, in Europe – the un-elected aspect, playing a large part in their disapproval.

And, at first, yes, I was incensed by this aspect of the Dominic Cummings situation, too.

But then, I thought …’s been happening for centuries – that doesn’t make it right – but, kings and queens have often had ‘advisors’ who pretty much ran the county –  The Power Behind The Throne.

The difference is, a nation is stuck with a king or queen (barring rather extreme measures for their removal!), but when a nation has  an elected Prime Minister or President in charge, is a democracy – that PM or President is supposed to be, should be, voted in because of qualities of intelligence, clear-headed ness, a desire to serve the people of the nation, and a good helping of political nous.

When the titular head of a nation, is clever, in a certain way, but who is in deep, over his head, not managing – though they have been elected – and someone  advises them, and that person, let’s say maybe has their own agenda and their own interests at heart, rather than the interests of the people of the nation – the nation who voted for what has become the mouthpiece of the non-elected wide-boy – well, that’s when it gets scary.

I will admit, I was thinking, if Dominic Cummings was doing a good job, doing what was best for the people of Britain, and he channelled his intentions through a figure-head – well,  would it be better to be led by The Power Behind The Throne, than led by a ‘throne’ which contains a bumbling dingbat?

It’s still not right, but, if it worked, for the people, and the nation, as a whole, as has sometimes been the case in the past – fair enough.

That’s where my trip-wire came in.  Dominic Cummings wasn’t/isn’t working for us, or for the nation, or even for the ‘throne’. He appears to have his own agenda, whatever that may be.

So, what happens when The Power Behind The Throne, and The Power In The Throne, are both self-serving *****?

We need to sweep away the whole she-bang, and replace them with elected representatives of the people, who are there for the people,  and the nation – be that the ‘combined’ nations of Britain, or the individual nations of England, Scotland, or Wales.  Northern Ireland?  The situation there is way beyond my ken. As far as I’m concerned, that piece of land is Ireland.  That’s a whole other can o’ worms!

But – Who?  And How?

And what’s to be done about Wormtongue?  Resignation would be the honourable course of action – but he is not an honourable man. By the time you read this, he might have resigned, or been sacked. Or, he might not. These days, those in power, whether nationally or locally, appear to be able to do just that they like, and get away with it.

Strange days indeed. Stepping back in time.

Dominic Cummings The Durham Dash

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