Tribute Paid To Carers In Orkney

Tribute has been paid to carers throughout Orkney for their ‘invaluable contribution to society’ by Maree Todd MSP, SNP.

This week is Carer’s Week and the theme for 2020  is ‘Making Caring Visible’.

Maree ToddPaying tribute, Maree  Todd said:

“I am forever in awe of our carers. Looking after someone can be hard work and quite often carers can forget to look after themselves. Carers Week works well to make the role of carers more visible to the wider health and care system, and through this, the need for support can be recognised.

“Carers make a huge contribution to families and communities throughout Scotland and with the current public health crisis, they find themselves under increased pressure.

“With this in mind, I’m pleased to see the Scottish Government kickstart Carer’s Week with the announcement that £300,000 from the £350 million communities funding is to be given to support young carers across Scotland.”

Young Scot will receive £200,000 of the funding to provide online subscriptions and e-vouchers for young carers and £100,000 has been allocated to the expansion of the Time To Live small grants scheme.

This funding is in addition to the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus Carer’s Allowance Supplement payment of at least £460.20, which will be paid to all eligible carers later this month. This one-off payment is in addition to the regular six monthly Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

The Orkney News this week highlighted the huge rise in unpaid carers in Scotland, estimated to now number 1.1 million.Covid19 Lockdown Reveals 1.1 Million Unpaid Carers in Scotland #carersweek

Maree Todd continued:

“Carers play an intense role in society and this can be made even harder due to financial difficulties. This additional payment will make a difference to carers throughout Orkney who make an invaluable contribution to society.”

Support for carers can be found on the Carers Week

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