Just Something Cheer-full…..

By Bernie Bell 

The next ‘wave’ of flowers in our meadow…….

While taking the pictures, I disturbed two frogs – I have to watch where I put my feet!

And – the birds are very busy – baby sparrows begging from their parents – thrush, blackbirds, sky-larks and wren singing their heads off – green finches, meadow pipits, dunnock, linnets, goldfinches, stone-chats – not forgetting the starlings.  And…twice now, recently, Mr. Harrier, swooping over the whole area, searching, searching for an unwary vole.

wildflowers credit Bernie Bell

We saw the first Red Admiral butterfly of the year, this morning.  Also green-veined whites.

Go on – have a go at letting your lawn go to meadow – lovely things will turn up!

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  1. Ah, a breathe of fresh air. But if our grass is left for more than a week it quickly turns into a hayfield, LOL. Nice pics by the way.

  2. A farmer stood and looked at our meadow, and said – “Yes, but what are you going to DO with it, Bernie?” I answered – “We’re not doing anything with it – it’s just, for the sake of it.” To him, it was a waste of a good hay meadow.
    But, it’s not wasted, even in purely practical terms – when we get it strimmed in the autumn, the grass goes to a neighbour for his pigs – it’s meant to be bedding, but they eat it! The pigs, poo, he cleans out his pigs and gives us some of the pig poo, we put it on our veg patch, we eat the veg, and share some with neighbours……and so it goes.

    It’s a bit like ‘On Ilkley Moor bah t’at’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUsQ9Qs2DQo – kind of!

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