Scottish Hockey League Season 2019/20 Completed

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Scottish Hockey, like other team sports in Scotland, was suspended from playing due to the restrictions with the Covid19 lockdown.

The 2019/20 league season is now completed and published  for Scottish Hockey’s:

  • Premiership
  • National
  • Championship
  • Regional leagues.

The decision was an unanimous one by Scottish Hockey’s Management Committee  and endorsed by the Scottish Hockey Board.

The 2019/20 cup and plate competitions are also now completed.

There will be no winners awarded for season 2019/20, and no automatic promotion or relegation, however with the majority of leagues completing over 60% of matches there is clearly a wish for the endeavour of clubs to be recognised.

Teams have been given a placing based on their performance up until hockey was suspended.

The final league rankings for the 2019/20 season have been determined using average points per match, based on the matches completed prior to competitions being suspended.

Premiership Scottish HockeyNational League 2 Scottish HockeyNational league 3 Championship 1 Scottish HockeyRegional 1 Championship 2 Scottish HockeyRegional 2 Championship 3 Scottish Hockey

Scotland’s European representatives, based on these rankings, will be Grange (EHL); Western Wildcats (Men’s EuroHockey Trophy); Clydesdale Western and Edinburgh University (both Women’s EuroHockey Challenge 1).

Three guiding principles were established as part of the decision making process: health and safety; fairness; and practicality.

Scottish Hockey’s Management Committee stated:

“From the outset of the process we aimed to ensure that no team is negatively impacted by the current circumstances, and as such, there will be no teams automatically relegated or promoted this season.”

League Season 2020/21

The Board of Scottish Hockey recognises that the Management Committee was not established to operate in these unprecedented times and so it has been determined that the powers of the Management Committee be suspended at present and that a task force be created, that includes members of the Board and the Management Committee, to consider the approach for season 2020/21.

It is intended that the task force will consult with member clubs with a view to building a route map, aligned to Scottish Government guidance, for the season ahead.

The timeline for this task force is as follows:

  • 19 June: task force appointed
  • 10 July: consultation with clubs
  • 24 July: decision

If you have any further questions, or any feedback, please contact

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