Poetry Corner: A wee thoughtful poem reflecting sadly of what could be

By Anna

Before you read this, let me make this clear to thee , this is about tourists not family you see.
Family can come, they come to protect, they have a vested interest in what is left
They come to Orkney, it is family they see , they take care of their actions, to save you and me

Orkney .com
Hello, my name Is Jim, from Leicester that’s me, I am a factory manager, and its 6 friends and me
We are coming to Orkney, after Viewing Orkney .com, it looks so bright and so clean, and really, quite warm !
We hired a big van, big boys we will be, so space it quite tight for my friends and me
Golf clubs and all, were like beans in a tin, can’t wait to get to Orkney to stretch and settle in

It’s the day we set off, I packed with delight, golf bags in the van and everything’s right
I am right hot and bothered, think it must be, the excitement of my holiday and the things we will see
The next day we travel all the way north, stopping for coffee and petrol of course
So tired I do feel, and my throats mighty sore, must be the driving not anything more
We get on the boat and a leaflet, are given,
with instruction, to keep Orkney safe, when we are, on holiday heaven

The leaflet it says, if we don’t feel too great, to report for a test to keep Orkney safe
I popped it in the van, and drive off the boat, my head really hurts, as does my throat
We stop at the accommodation where we will stay, with beautiful views just a heartbeat away
The morning does break, as does my sweat, I can’t get ill now, we have sights to see yet

We go to the cafes, and pub for a pint, and go through the town, and golf all around
We drive through to Evie, and Birsay too, and stop at Tescos for a snack or two
We sit at the Brough this is heaven indeed, I just wish I felt better, but I will take heed
It’s a cough, and my throat that’s causing me pain, oh no get back to the van, quick, it looks like rain
I remember the leaflet, and read in dismay if a test came back positive, 14 days! I would stay
It’s the rules of the virus, a quarantine break, to keep Orkney safe from a COVID outbreak

I am so sorry guys, this I cannot do, my job needs me back home , and my family too
But three days are left, so lets soldier on, lets have some fun, we don’t have too long,
Its beaches and pubs and gin, and some rum , Its fair helped my throat ,it almost feels numb
All that gin, and all of that booze, I had a great time, but so sorry you lose, I left something of mine ?
I go on the boat , I had a great time, but so sorry guys , I left COVID BEHIND !!!!


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  1. I totally agree with the very righteous sentiments behind your poem. Living in country with a history of tourism reaching back to the first (British….) enthusiasts in the 19th century and ending up with a multitude of our most lovely places completely ruined by mass tourism, myself a regular (mostly solitary) visitor to Orkney for 30 year’s now, I most fervently hope Orkney will not follow in our footsteps and will keep rapacious, callous and/or simply thoughtless and egotistical tourists as much at bay as possible.
    I just beg you to remember: Not all tourists/visitors are like this. Some of us love your truly wonderful home deeply, and we re conscious of the frailty of natural beauty, and considerate and respectful towards the people welcoming us and generously sharing their most beautiful home with us.
    Take care of yourself and of Orkney !
    Elisabeth Sidler, Switzz

  2. Well, Anna – I hope your sent a copy of this, individually, to James Stockan and to each member of OIC.

    I don’t know if you saw this…..


    Seriously, I have changed from planning to maybe relax my vigilance a bit, to being concerned about what might happen here on Orkney, and not just for myself – Orkney had done very well, has done very well, by everyone doing the right thing ( or, most folk! – everyone wouldn’t be quite human, would it?).

    On thing that bugs me is….why is everything gauged by tourism? It matters, it matters a lot, but when it comes to the welfare of all the people here, possibly being jeopardised in favour of people having a holiday, and even, in favour of those catering for the holiday-makers – something is amiss.

    Why can’t they just wait, and come another time?

    Note to self – calm down Bernie – calm down.

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