Jellyfish On Evie Sands!!!

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

There’s not a lot to say about them – except – I have never seen so many jellyfish in one place, at a time!

Mostly Lion’s Mane…..

…one of which was HUGE, and contained swirls of colour, which, as an old hippie, I can only describe as….trippy!

Some Blue fire jellyfish – which live up to their name….

Common jellyfish, which, to me, look most uncommon, with their vivid violet circles, inside…

Lion’s Mane, not too proud to keep company with a Commoner…..

And, last but definitely not least – one which we can’t identify – but, what a colour!

These were all on the beach at Evie, turning left from the car park, on a sunny Sunday at the end of August.

Why so many?  I don’t know – must be something in the water….

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  1. And the thing is….those colours are just as they were taken – not messed about with – I wouldn’t know how!

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