Jellyfish On Evie Sands!!!

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

There’s not a lot to say about them – except – I have never seen so many jellyfish in one place, at a time!

Mostly Lion’s Mane…..

…one of which was HUGE, and contained swirls of colour, which, as an old hippie, I can only describe as….trippy!

Some Blue fire jellyfish – which live up to their name….

Common jellyfish, which, to me, look most uncommon, with their vivid violet circles, inside…

Lion’s Mane, not too proud to keep company with a Commoner…..

And, last but definitely not least – one which we can’t identify – but, what a colour!

These were all on the beach at Evie, turning left from the car park, on a sunny Sunday at the end of August.

Why so many?  I don’t know – must be something in the water….

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  1. What a spectacular assortment of Jellyfish(es)! I had no idea they came in such different colours or profusion of varieties in one place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. And the thing is….those colours are just as they were taken – not messed about with – I wouldn’t know how!