Poetry Corner A Priceless Gift

In amongst all the hustle and bustle of life I think we sometimes forget what’s important in our lives. A meeting yesterday reminded me of one such thing……Friends. Here’s to all of you that I am lucky enough to have.

A Priceless Gift

Friendship is a priceless gift
that cannot be bought or sold,
But its value is far greater
than a mountain made of gold.

For gold is cold and lifeless,
it can neither see nor hear
And in the time of trouble
it is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen
nor heart to understand,
It cannot bring you comfort
or reach out a helping hand.

So when you ask God for a gift
Be thankful if He sends
Not diamonds, pearls, or riches
But the love of real true friends.

By Helen Steiner Rice

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  1. One good friend….deserves another…..


    Yes, I had friends,
    At college and at school.
    We shared the fads and phobias,
    Strained at all the rules.

    We moved around in pairs and tribes
    Daring the world to take us on,
    We were close, but separate, growing things,
    Using each other to build upon,

    To shape our ideas of who we were,
    And what we should do or be,
    Shared revelations and rivalries,
    On the road to maturity.

    And as the yawning years stretch out,
    I have known a hundred more
    But, acquaintances, colleagues, associates
    Enter and leave from my door.

    With sister and brothers, pets and lover
    Am I so self-contained,
    That I have no need for intimate others,
    Or have I simply refrained

    From playing the game
    Opening my heart
    To a chosen few
    And taking part

    In the social meandering
    Visits and meals
    The clubs and dances
    Gossip on wheels

    I hear some brittle voices greet
    “How lovely”, kiss, kiss, kiss,
    They congregate in perfumed bunches,
    I don’t mind I’m missing this.

    But an honest, unselfconscious hug,
    In genuine pleasure to see
    A true, trusted soul, a warmth to behold,
    Is the friend I’d like to have and be.

    Wendy Alford August 2006

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