Poetry Corner: The Fabric Of Our Lives

The fabric of our lives
Has holes in it.
The Folk Festival
The Blues Festival
Harvest Home
Lucy Service
Nine Lessons & Carols.
No meal out for my birthday
Our wedding anniversary
Mike’s birthday.
Not attending the funerals of those we know.
Not visiting the new baby.
The fabric of our lives
Has holes in it.
But I’m trying to see it as lace
Where the holes
Are part of what makes it what it is.
I’m trying to see it that way
And not go crazy.
Bernie Bell 7th October 2020
Johannes Vermeer – The Lacemaker

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    • Thanks Bernie, I had captioned that picture but for some reason it had not appeared. Sorted now.

  1. The poem gives a nice mental image. Lace, and a pretty skeleton leaf perhaps. Let’s hope healthier growth will come after all this dis- ease and rot.