Halloween Homestyle 2020

Scots have been requested to keep their Halloween fun in the home this year due to Covid 19.

Traditional games like dookin for apples can all be done in the home. Dressing up and performing a wee song, telling some jokes can also be filmed so that grandparents or older relatives don’t miss out.

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

There are also lots of recipes that are suitable for bairns to make.

Halloween kids’ recipes

Or the responsible adult in the family may try some old favourites.

Helen’s Home Cooking Video & Recipe for Scottish Tablet

And this one Helen’s Home Cooking Video and Recipe for Puff Candy

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  1. Let’s also ditch the Americanisation of what was traditionally a Celtic festival. Let’s ditch those horrible pumpkins a tasteless and useless fruit or is it a vegetable? Tell the Supermarkets no more American rubbish just because it has caught-on in England. And where are the real Scottish neeps/tumshies, in my youth they were the size of footballs, a lovely orange colour, great flavour and oh boy what an aroma when you lit your candle inside your hollowed-out tumshie! Come-on farmers tell the supermarkets where to put their tiny, uniform size, tasteless and colourless items they are currently selling. Oh aye, almost forgot that they take ages to cook!!!!