Attitude Of Gratitude

By Bernie Bell

I got up at 1am, and, as I walked through the living room, I noticed the moonlight, shining on the floor. I went to the window, and saw  – the moon shining in the sky, with the stars and planets – all framed by banks of billowing clouds.

The garden, the sea and the hills were glowing, bright as day.

And I was grateful for it.  Grateful for this earth.

Whatever is happening on the earth at the present time, the moon and stars will continue to shine, and the clouds will continue to do what they do.

And I am grateful for it – for this dear earth.

I will try to hold on to this attitude of gratitude, and hold on to a realisation of what lasts, and what doesn’t.

I don’t have a photo – it was 1am!  This was taken, from our house – another time….

Even when your day isn’t going well, maybe try to think of at least one good thing that can happen for you.

Something as simple as sitting down with a cup of tea! 

Or – waking up because you feel unwell, to see a wonderful moon and star filled sky and landscape.

Or – noticing that something which usually hurts – isn’t hurting, even if just at that point in time – The Power of Now.

Or – rescuing a frog from a bird bath!   

Or – just being thankful that you are alive.

Each day, surely, holds something?

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