Rerwick Revisited

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

We’ve been to Rerwick many times , but it’s one of those places which you can return to again and again, and there’s always something different to notice.

On this walk, it’s worth mentioning that there were cattle in the fields and the land was quite ‘poached’ in places, so it was heavy going at times.  In those circumstances, if you’re looking for a gentle stroll – maybe Rerwick wouldn’t be such a good idea!

Our first ‘find’ was on the beach – the skull of what we think is a porpoise?

We’re not sure what it is, but it’s a fine thing. We bagged it up, brought it home and placed it by the house, next to a broon roond – or is it a planet?

As we continued our walk, we encountered interesting WW2 structures, and interesting geology. The first structure we came to is like a little Hobbit House – no idea what it was for, but a pleasing shape……..

There is a sign on the gate at the entrance to the fields, warning folk to stay away from the structures – which is a very sensible warning!

However, being slightly lawless people, we did go into some of them, including the next one we came to – acknowledging that if anything fell on us, on our own heads be it!

This structure has holes the roof, which meant that the wind made eerie noises in there  –

There were also bits of wood embedded in the walls, presumably left over from supports for ….something…. but weathering had made them look like some kind of ceramic – or crinkly crisps!

This structure also gives a wonderful view of the geology of the shore-line nearby……

……….which we then went out to explore.  We’re not sure if the shapes in the rocks are because they are volcanic lava flows, or are due to folding during seismic activity?  Either way, they produce a surreal bit of shoreline.

Another bit of Rerwick geology is a very solid sea-stack, which, as it peeks over the cliff top, could be the roof of a ruined building….

Ruins & geology, mixing – man-made and nature-made.

More mysterious shapes in the landscape…….

When is a cromlech, not a cromlech?  When it’s some kind of shelter?….. bunker? …thing…..

And when is a cairn, not a cairn?  When it’s some kind of shelter…thing…….

As he does in some cairns, Mike went inside and made toning noises – to great effect – more eerie sounds at Rerwick.

We then ventured into another of the structures, where it looks like someone, years ago, hung up their bicycle, and – left!

The peddles have fallen off and are on the floor nearby – where we left them. Things like that should be left where they are, with their memories and associations with the place.

There is a bannister to the upper floors, but no stairs………..

We noticed a lot of bits of squiggly wire sticking out of the roofs of the buildings. No idea what they were for, but I very much like the sculptural shapes………

And one last image – another window with a view…………..

And then back the way we came, scouring the beaches for more possible treasures – but the porpoise skull turned out to be our ‘haul’ for the day – plus a lot of pleasing/interesting images in our cameras, which I’ve now shared with you, in the hope that you will find them pleasing and interesting, too.

There’s a lot of “But what was it fooor?” at Rerwick – cue Andy Hollinrake!

We sat in the car, out of the wind, to eat our sandwiches, with tea and a dropeen of Jameson’s – and then home, as the light faded and it started to rain.

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  1. I love reading about Bernie’s walks. Always leaves me with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. Thank you Bernie

    • Good Morning Marion!
      And your comment has left me with a smile on my face and a spring in my step! Thank You!

  2. Enjoyed this Bernie, also looked up the link to the photographs by Ian Collins whose work we admire a lot. And it has started a discussion about micro 4/3 format.

    • I have no idea what micro 4/3 format is! I am a technology dinosaur,

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the walk, though!

      • Neither do we but apparently it’s what Ian used for his beautiful photos of the abandoned military buildings!

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