Funding to Support Outdoor Education

Residential Outdoor Centres can apply for funding to support their activities which have been severely impacted by the public health measures to limit transmission of Covid19.

The Scottish Government £2million fund  is to help with running costs and to enable staff to deliver outdoor learning in and around schools.


YouthLink Scotland will be administering the fund and the closing date for the first round of applications is 11th of December 2020.

Click on this link to find out more and to apply: Covid-19 Residential Outdoor Education Centre Recovery Fund

YouthLink Scotland CEO Tim Frew said: 

“We welcome the launch of this fund. It will be crucial to the future of our outdoor residential centres, which are a key part of the fabric of Scotland’s wider education system, including youth work. Access to these opportunities is an important part of education recovery as we move through and past the pandemic.

“Outdoor learning contributes to young people’s health and wellbeing and builds essential life and work skills, while connecting them in a special way to their immediate environment and to the wider world and its issues.

“The value of outdoor learning cannot be underestimated – so it is critical that we ensure the survival of our outdoor centres.”

The first round of funding supports the running costs of residential outdoor centres with the second round supporting work in and around schools. The second round is open from 11th January 2021 until 5th February 2021.

Richard Lochhead, Science Minister in the Scottish Government, said:

“This fund will mean pupils can continue to benefit from outdoor learning, which is an important aspect of Scotland’s curriculum and can play a vital role in supporting children’s wellbeing and attainment.”

Old Man of Hoy silhouette photo: Martin Laird

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