Woods & Wild Children

By Bernie Bell

Trees are being cut down – wholesale – worldwide.

Many children were no longer allowed to roam the woods, even before the threat of Covid.  The threat is other humans – humans who had been caged in some way themselves. 

Here’s a poem about Woods, and Wild Children ………

A ‘den’ in Binscarth Woods

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  1. Thanks Bernie, you stirred wonderful memories from childhood. It also reminded me of our other playground – bomb sites, great fun and dangerous but no one ever got hurt, just filthy but as my mam used to say clothes can be washed and children can go in a bath. Ah, sweet memories, thanks again.

    • You’re very welcome Charlie – similar memories again.
      My Mum used to wrap me up, warm and dry, and out I’d go with my dog and my friends, rampaging about – damming streams, un-blocking streams – throwing mud at each other! Making up stories about where we were and what had happened, or might happen, there. Good times.

      I’m also reminded of William and The Outlaws – and Jumble of course – in the ‘William’ books – William was my hero.

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