On Being Ourselves Again

By Bernie Bell

Saturday evening – Mike is making tea – I’m pressing buttons, trying to find something to watch on the telly – and I hit on Shrek the Third – the one I’m least familiar with, but you can’t go wrong with Shrek and Donkey. 

So, I started to watch it, then we both watched it, and, at the end, grooved while the credits rolled to Donkey & Puss singing Sly & the Family Stone’s  ‘THANK YOU Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin’.

I turned to Mike and said – “After all the restrictions are removed, when Covid is finally defeated, I hope that some of Orkney’s funky musicians get together, put on a gig, play that funky music, and we all get a chance to dance and …be ourselves again.

This means you, Dr. Funkengroover – you know who you are.

Here’s hoping……………………

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