Chocolate for Valentine’s Day Anyone?

Another year and another Valentine’s Day looms large, but what exactly is Valentine’s Day and why is it called such? Well nothing is written in Stone but a little like historical May Day celebrations; the day was originally to note that Spring is around the corner and it’s time for fertility rites to take place. Thought to have originated as the Roman festival of Lupercalia women were paired off with men via numbered tickets (a raffle) and….. without even the extravagance of a Maypole in sight, but the end result was ultimately the same.. Pope Gelasius I changed the name to St Valentine’s Day and it has been accepted as a day of romance since around the fourteenth Century ever since.

Thankfully in modern times Chocolates amongst other gifts is a more common approach, so how about this as an idea for this years celebrations. ChocFace! ChocFace is a brand new company only 11/2 months old. Based in Orkney they can turn your photo memories into delicious Belgian chocolates, which come presented in a gift box that fits through the letter box.

We caught up with a company spokesperson and asked how the idea for the company came about? “ChocFACE is an idea born out of lockdown. What are people doing all day? Online, on Facebook. What do people like to eat? Chocolate! Why not put the two together? And ChocFACE was born.”

What exactly is involved in the ChocFace process?  “The process involves a layer of milk, then white chocolate, then we print with edible colour to create any image on the chocolate photo. images are uploaded through our site, On the site you get to choose between premade boxes or make your own by uploading pictures.   We’re looking for people with good ideas and influencers who might want to design their own box.”

“Each box measures 7”x 5” (the size of a DVD box) and contains one large, printed chocolate slab and five smaller ones. The printed chocolates are presented in a beautiful salmon red gift box. You can add your Valentine’s name to the box cover if desired, plus your personal message can be included on a gift card inside.” Simply upload your snaps and create a box of chocolate photos entirely personal to you and your loved one.”

We also asked how many people are involved in the company? “We are three so far (soon to be four)  – Dr. Finn Macleod at HQ in Kirkwall, plus a father son bakery in Derby who manage the supplies”.

Dr Finn MacLeod

ChocFACE’s premade boxes are curated collections, which include; Old Masters, Vintage Love, and Angry Cats

We were also given a wee fun fact: “Derby and Orkney are the only two places in the UK to have a Ba’ game.” How is that for a grand connection?

Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes

You can find out more information on ChocFace from the various sites below.






INSTAGRAM: @chocfacedotcom

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