4% Pay Rise to NHS Workers: Unite ask ‘Is It Enough?’

The Unite trade union has reacted to the Scottish Government’s pay rise of 4% to NHS workers.

The monthly pay rise will vary between individuals and because of this Unite will be putting this offer to their members without recommendation.
The offer includes an opportunity to revisit any settlement including an intention by the Scottish Government to allocate additional funding through Barnett Consequentials.  Unite are demanding that any additional payment made to the Scottish Government by Westminster through this formula, is passed on to their members.
Unite Regional Officer James O’Connell said: 

“Workers across the NHS have been described as ‘heroic’ in what has been an exceptionally challenging year. Now is the time to reward those workers with the pay uplift they deserve, not just for their work during the Covid pandemic, but also for the pay cuts they have endured through years of austerity.”

“This offer will be put to Unite members in the coming weeks. It is down to them how they respond to this offer.

“Is it enough? That is for them to decide.  For Unite, other pay potential remains on the table in the form of additional Barnett Consequentials and we will pursue any additional pay that is intended for our members through further negotiation with any future Scottish Government.”

“We are also calling on Boris Johnston to stop talking up health workers on one hand while holding on to the millions he promised for the NHS during the Brexit campaign.”

Unite will ballot its members on the offer over the next few weeks.

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