Candidate Focus: Moira Ramage, All For Unity

Scottish Parliament Election: Highlands and Islands Regional Candidates

When you vote in the Scottish Parliament elections on Thursday 6th of May 2021.There are two ballot papers.

  1. Orkney Constituency – First Past the Post – you have one vote
  2. Highlands and Islands Region – you have one vote – you vote for a political party or an independent individual.

Moira Ramage All For Unity

Moira Ramage is the lead candidate for the All For Unity party on the Highlands and Islands Regional List. Moira Ramage has been a Solicitor for more than 25 years and a Procurator Fiscal for more than 20.

In her candidate statement Moira says:

“I believe the Union has the financial strength and a genuine willingness to try to level things up. I have the voice and willingness to speak up and speak out on behalf of the people of the Highlands and Islands.”

All For Unity has George Galloway as its figurehead. Its manifesto aims to ‘Save Our Scotland.’

We believe passionately it is in Scotland’s interest to remain part of the United Kingdom.

All for Unity is actively working towards a pro-UK coalition so our Manifesto for Change is a statement of the principles we would bring to the work of building a cross party coalition with Labour, Conservatives and Liberals to make Scotland a happy, healthy and prosperous nation again.

All For Unity Manifesto

Highlands and Islands Regional Vote

There are 2 people standing as independents (not in a political party) and there are political party lists.

If you vote for an individual that is recorded as a vote for that person.

If you vote for a political party then, depending on the share of the vote that party gets across the whole region, the candidates are elected from that party selected list. The political parties have ranked their candidates according to their selection rules of who they think is the top one etc.

There are two Independents standing on the H&I list

  • Hazel Mansfield
  • Andy Wightman

Scottish National Party (SNP)

  1. Emma Roddick
  2. Kate Forbes
  3. Maree Todd
  4. Fergus Ewing
  5. Tom Wills
  6. Mike MacKenzie
  7. Robert Leslie
  8. Rhiannon Spear
  9. Jamie Szymkowiak
  10. Qasim Hanif
  11. Ken Gowans
  12. Sarah Fanet


  1. Douglas Ross
  2. Edward Mountain
  3. Donald Cameron
  4. Jamie Halcro Johnston
  5. Tim Eagle
  6. Ella Robertson McKay
  7. Struan Mackie
  8. Sam Bown
  9. Gavin Berkenheger
  10. Nick Tulloch


  1. Rhoda Grant
  2. John Erskine
  3. Marion Donaldson
  4. Jo Kirby
  5. Coilla Drake
  6. Lewis Whyte
  7. Shaun Fraser

Scottish Greens

  1. Ariane Burgess
  2. Anne Thomas
  3. Fabio Villani
  4. Steve Sankey
  5. Debra Nicolson
  6. Sand Ownsett
  7. Topher Dawson
  8. Lisa Jane Mead
  9. Chris Ballance
  10. Isabella Sumsion
  11. Phyl Meyer
  12. Luna Martin

Liberal Democrat

  1. Alan Reid
  2. Molly Nolan
  3. Denis Rixson
  4. William Sinclair
  5. Sheila Ritchie
  6. David Gregg
  7. Neil Mitchison


  1. Kirk Torrance
  2. Craig Berry
  3. Josh Robertson
  4. Judith Reid

All For Unity

  1. Moira Ramage
  2. Patricia Watson
  3. Robbie Munro
  4. Donald Boyd
  5. Paul Burrows
  6. Alastair Kennedy
  7. Paul Bradburn

Reform UK

  1. Sandra Skinner
  2. Les Durance
  3. Kate Brownlie
  4. Catherine Mount


  1. Robert Stephenson
  2. Robert Scorer
  3. Michael Burger de Frémol
  4. Duncan Geddes
  5. Alan Breeze
  6. Bryan Foster

Abolish The Scottish Parliament

Jack Malcolm

Freedom Alliance

  1. Tina McCaffery
  2. Emma Idzidowska
  3. Phil Breed
  4. Gary Cheesman
  5. Anne McCloskey

Restore Scotland

  1. Brian Nugent
  2. Andrew Macdonald

Scottish Family Party

  1. Michael Willis
  2. Phillipp Tanzer
  3. Shena McLelland
  4. Sophie Hendry
  5. Dolores Hughes

Scottish Libertarian Party

  1. Harry Christian
  2. Calum Liptrot


  1. Sean Robertson
  2. Yolanda Piotrowicz
  3. Luke Ivory

You can find out more here: Ballot Box Scotland

Orkney Constituency- there are 4 candidates standing:

  • Samuel Bown – Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
  • Coilla Drake – Scottish Labour Party.
  • Robert Fraser Leslie – Scottish National Party (SNP).
  • Liam Scott McArthur – Scottish Liberal Democrats.

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  1. Only the SNP and Scottish Greens are actual Scottish parties with Scotland’s real interests at heart. The British Nationalist parties HQ’d in London, represent their own English based parties interests, that is so very obvious.
    No thanks, Scotland has massive resources, massive talent, and only independence will make sure that is not wasted, and that actual investment is made for future generations. The alternative is further, long term (terrifying) rule by disaster capitalists in London, who will continue to use Scotland to fund their terrible destructive policies, creating more poverty, more environmental damage, and much more inequality.
    Scotland says no thanks, we are massively capable of functioning as a 21st century, forward looking, life affirming country, in an independent capacity, like so many other countries around the world. Independence is normal, having major decisions made by a next door neighbour, about your country, which are incredibly detrimental to your economy, your environment, and societally, is not normal to say the very least.

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