Orkney Fair Trade Group At The Blue Door

Orkney Fair Trade group are raising money for Traidcraft Exchange’s Regenerators Appeal.

From Monday May 24th to Saturday May 29th (closed Wednesday) they will be in The Blue Door, Victoria Street, Kirkwall.

Traidcraft Exchange’s mission is to use the power of trade to create lasting solutions to world poverty, and to build a future where everyone gets a fair income for their work, wherever in the world they live.

The Regenerators Appeal is targeted specifically at those that are most affected by climate change, working with farmers and producers to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to reduce damage to the environment and make their communities and way of life more resilient as weather patterns alter.

The UK government has promised Traidcraft Exchange that they will double every penny raised by the Appeal – so contributions will be worth twice as much

If you would like to donate goods for sale they can be taken ahead of time to Orkney Fair Trade collection points – see
the Facebook page , or to The Blue Door during the week.

There will also be a raffle in the shop with wonderful Fairtrade prizes.

In Issa’s village they don’t ask ‘is climate change real?’

They ask: ‘how will I feed my family now that the floods have destroyed my farm?’

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