The Tomb of the Eagles

By Bernie Bell

When we heard that, in view of the difficulties experienced due to the Covid epidemic,  The Tomb of the Eagles in South Ronaldsay had closed permanently, we were reeling from the news, thinking that many, many folk would also be very sorry to hear this. 

We also talked of what a loss it would be to Orkney archaeology. Of course, the cairn will still be there, being what it is and what it has been for millennia – but the experience of visiting – and connecting, would be gone.

At the same time, knowing that the family who own the land on which the Cairn stands, and who run the Visitor Centre there, would not have taken this decision lightly, by any means. They have a deep attachment to the Cairn, and the Ancestors – they also have a living to make.

Then – a ray of hope – we find that the Cairn itself will re-open when all other un-manned tombs in Orkney open.  The  OIC are responsible for the Cairn – but the Visitor Centre is closed permanently. Needs must. 

Personally, I would like to say THANK YOU to the folk at the Cairn for the many, many good memories which will stay with me, and if Fiona is agreeable, would like to present this………….

The Way Ahead?

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  1. Huge thanks to the family at the Tomb of the Eagles, years of commitment and belief in sharing their discoveries. I have such good memories – thanks again.

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