This Time (Save The World?): A New Song by Kathie Touin

Creativity has been an outlet for many during the restrictions of lockdown. For Orkney based musician Kathie Touin it resulted in a new song This Time (Save The World?).

Kathie is a Californian songwriter and recording artist who has made Orkney her home.

The song began life as a lockdown project when Kathie was experimenting with new studio recording computer software.

Kathie says:

“One day I heard a helicopter fly over our house and the atmospheric conditions made it sound like the world’s biggest synthesiser.

“I love playing with sounds in the studio and I was able to recreate the sound of the helicopter. And that gave me the idea for the song.

“I found lockdown to be a time of intense creativity but I’m aware lots of people found it difficult to deal with and I tried to write the song from that perspective.”

Kathie works from her home studio in Orkney where she has lived since 2010. Originally from Southern California, she has also lived in Washington state and London, England.

This is the first music Kathie has released since her album Facing The Falling Sky in November 2019. It received a 4-star review in RnR Magazine, which said: “A fine selection of songs.”

“It’s truly brilliant. It’s like a late-night conversation with an old friend in a remote windswept house.”

DJ Steve Conway (8Radio, ex-Radio Caroline)

“Touin draws on the inspiration of her remote island home to create this powerful, reflective album. Birdsong, barking dogs and seals all meet the man-made intrigues of Theramin, Stylophone and wooden frog.”

The Musician magazine

In all Kathie has released three albums of her own songs, as well as a collection of piano music. CD copies of the albums can be bought from her website,, and they are available to download or stream.

Here is Kathie performing her new song

The single can be downloaded or streamed from all outlets including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and YouTube Music.

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  1. Kathie’s an accomplished and very talented musician, and I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it several months ago. Kathie was kind bough to help out with some keyboards on my own material, and I wish her success with both song and video.

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