New Book: ‘Orkney: A Special Way of Life’

Launch: Monday 21 June 2021, 6pm. Virtual launch event, tickets via Eventbrite.
Publication date: Monday 21 June 2021.
Orkney: A Special Way of Life by Richard Clubley 9781913025441 paperback £9.99

About the Book: 

After moving permanently to the island he’s always dreamed of, Richard Clubley here sets out to capture the experience of life on Orkney, from the history of Neolithic sites to a future in renewable energy, telling the stories of countless Orcadians along the way. Determined to travel further afield than his home on Mainland, Richard takes to the Outer Islands to meet the people who live there and tell their stories. Orkney: A Special Way of Life is a delight for any lover of Scotland’s remote places, filled with rich descriptions of the islands.
About Orkney: Orkney has a population of around 21,349 people (2011 census) and is known for its lack of trees and

About the Author: 

RICHARD CLUBLEY was born by the sea in East Yorkshire. His first island encounter was with the thin ruckle of stones exposed on the Withernsea beach at very low tides. Having caught the incurable island fever or nesomania, Richard, his wife Bev and Dog moved to live in Orkney in 2017, having bought a plot of land overlooking Scapa Flow and built a house. As a biology teacher in London and Sheffield, Richard took groups of children to explore Mull, Iona and the uninhabitable islands of Staffa and Lunga off the west coast of Scotland and many of them caught the bug too.

He is now a regular contributor to Scottish Islands Explorer and Over the course of his adult life, he has explored around 90 (so far) of the Scottish islands. This is his third book about them.

Richard said:

“Orkney is not idyllic but I love life here, having wanted to move here for a very long time. I felt at home the second I drove off the ferry. My town in Derbyshire has a population much the same as Orkney’s but I have never been delayed by a torpedo or been roped in to sell stamps. I suppose these things could be described as frustrations but, for me, they are just part of what makes Orkney special.”

About the Publisher: 

Established in 1981, Luath Press is a leading independent book publisher based in Edinburgh with over 600 books in print including modern fiction, history, politics, travel/walking guides, football, poetry and much more.

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