Gussie Moran #OnThisDay

On 20th of June 1949 , female tennis player Gussie Moran caused quite a stooshie when she appeared in a short outfit to play championship tennis at Wimbledon.

Gussie Moran National Portrait Gallery, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Her dress and lacey fringed pants had been designed by Ted Tinling.

The All England Wimbledon committee had strict rules about player’s dress and wearing all whites.

It was at this tournament that reporters started referring to her as ‘Gorgeous Gussie’.

In the years previous to this, during World War II, after the devastating loss of her brother, Gussie Moran went to work on the assembly line at the Douglas Aircraft Company. She also toured military hospitals and bases as part of the United Services Organisation.

She also made a short appearance as herself in the American movie ‘Pat and Mike.’

Married 4 times, she died in 2013, aged 89.

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