To Feed – Or Not To Feed?

By Bernie Bell

Pics by McB

It started with a question about the rindy stuff on smoked cheese.  We get German smoked cheese from Stromness Co-op which is particularly nice – especially with slices of apple in rolls on walks.  It has a brown rind on it, and we weren’t sure what that rind was made of, so we cut it off and didn’t eat it.

The next question was – would it be OK to give it to the birds?  Mike said yes, I said no.   So, as I do, I asked them as knows about such things – the RSPB.

Meanwhile, we decided  ‘Better safe than sorry’ and threw the rind away.

I then received a reply from the RSPB, saying that the rind is made of wax, and therefore definitely not good for birds, or other wildlife either, but that cheese in small quantities, and on very rare occasions was fine – also that mild grated cheese is best and can appeal to robins, wrens and dunnocks.

I replied, saying thanks for the  information, and that the birds rarely get any cheese, as we eat it!

The reply from the RSPB also gave a link to further information about what to feed, and what not to feed birds.

Some of this was news to us, and useful to know. 

The garden birds are enjoying the ripening seeds in the meadow just now, but it won’t be long before we’ll start supplementing the peanuts in the feeder with extras as the wintry weather moves in.

Aye – we’re heading that way.  Happens every year – the turn of the year after Halloween……..

Life couldn’t go on if it didn’t – if the world didn’t keep on turning.

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