Don’t not use double negatives when discussing downfall of governments.

Do avoid reading this in any other way than it is intended, and the warning is against arguments for the downfall of dictatorial regimes of oppression.

Discussing the violent removal of regimes is fraught with terminal terminology, details of avoiding state approved legitimate means of change is often wrought with hushed tones of fear for being over heard.

Lucky we all live in Scotland the freest oppressed country in the world?

Having the right to a non meaningful vote that doesn’t change anything is a key ingredient in my beliefs that I am free, I must be free, I didn’t demand payment before being extorted over pre existing agreements that can never be materialised.

I speak of the etheric conceptual documents we signed, like “social contracts” the contract that we hold over each other that we won’t discuss our oppression or discuss effective leader deposing methods. That’s what kissing boxes is for.

Let’s vote!

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