The Reality Of Isolation

By Bernie Bell

We see the statistics for numbers of positive Covid tests.  Each of these people should then self-isolate, even if they don’t feel unwell, so – that will take them out of the work force for a time.

Some of these people will actually be ill, some very ill, but some at a level which means that they can be at home, but will need someone to look after them. This someone is often a member of the family, so that person is out of the work force for a time too.

Depending on their occupation, this can also mean that other members of the family will need to try to fill in for them, while still trying to do get on with their own work as well.

Then, hopefully, they will recover and be able to continue with their lives and their work. 

These Covid restrictions no doubt do have an effect on the economy – but a weakened population doesn’t help the economy either.

And these aren’t just statistics they are people, real people, trying to get on with their lives.

The longer it takes for folk to get it into their heads that we are not back to normal, and that individuals are still suffering and struggling to manage their lives and the lives of those around them, the longer it will be before we can, actually, really start to live in a way which is anything like how we used to before Covid.

There appears to be an absolute determination on the part of some folk to act like it’s all gone away  – IT HASN’T!

And the sooner the population takes that on board and behaves accordingly, the better for everyone.

It only takes one, out there, disregarding the reality of the situation, to produce a knock-on effect…….

And meanwhile people like me stay home and wait – with a lesser degree of patience as time goes on – but – we wait, as it’s the only thing to do.

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  1. For those who think it’s gone away etc. Mike has been having trouble with his neck recently. I believe it to be because he’s stuck at a desk all day, doesn’t sit properly, and doesn’t take enough breaks etc. nag nag nag – you can imagine!
    He had a phone consultation with his doctor, and was due to see the physiotherapist this morning.
    Yesterday, he had a call saying that the Physio has had to self-isolate, so his appointment will now be in October.
    Fortunately, his neck isn’t bothering him at the moment – a combination of doing exercises, deep toning in his throat, and me giving him Healing. So, it doesn’t matter a lot in his case. But…but…but…what about others who really need those treatments?
    These are the hidden complications of the fact that Covid is still here, in our community, having its knock-on effects.

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