West Mainland #Covid Update


Sixteen people have now tested PCR positive with Covid in the West Mainland cluster.

The very clear message from Public Health is to encourage everyone in the community to continue doing Lateral Flow Device tests at home and log the results (positive or negative) as this gives a good overview of if, and how, the virus is spreading.

NHS Orkney Consultant in Public Health Sara Lewis said there was no reason children who did not have symptoms or a positive Lateral Flow test result to be kept home from school or be isolating if they had not been contacted by the Test and Protect team.

“Covid has been extremely disruptive on young people’s lives, and we urge parents to let their children come to school unless they have symptoms, a positive Lateral Flow test or have been told by us that they are an identified contact and asked to isolate.”

While rules around social distancing have been relaxed, Mrs Lewis said good hand hygiene, coughing into the crook of your arm and wearing a mask would prevent the virus spreading. These very basic steps can keep you safe.”

Orkney Islands Council Executive Director of Education, Leisure and Housing James Wylie said:

“Today has seen a small rise in positive cases in the West Mainland. The significant attention that people have paid to testing and the mitigations in place to manage the spread of Covid-19 are having an impact and I urge you to continue this vigilance.

“I would like to thank all pupils, parents and staff for everything that they have done over the last week to engage with ourselves and Public Health.

“I urge parents to follow the Public Health guidance that young people who do not have symptoms, a positive lateral flow test or contact through Test and Protect to attend school to ensure that both social and academic progression is not impacted unnecessarily.”

The public are reminded not to use public transport if someone has had a positive PCR or lateral flow test. Instead, anyone in this position should contact the Covid Assessment Centre where staff will be able to assist.

Anyone who has had a positive PCR or lateral flow test must avoid using public transport. Instead, anyone in this position should contact the Covid Assessment Centre where staff will be able to assist.

Only request a PCR test if:

• You have COVID symptoms, or if you have no symptoms but have had a positive Lateral Flow Device Test.

• You are contacted by Test & Protect

Lateral Flow Tests:

• The Scottish Government guidance recommends that people should carry out twice weekly Lateral Flow Device tests

• You should take a lateral flow test only where you do not have symptoms of COVID-19

Please ensure that you log the results of your Lateral Flow Device test online if you test positive or negative– this helps give an indication of whether or not the virus is spreading.

Simple steps to help prevent the spread:

• Maintain a safe distance.

• Keep activities and gatherings outside when you can and limit them.

• Good hand hygiene

.• Cough into the crook of your arm if you don’t have a tissue to hand.

• Wear a mask.

Public Health have advised that the Covid Assessment Centre is currently working seven days a week with PCR tests taking 48-72 hours to process.

As a reminder the phone number is 01856 888211.

If you have not yet had your Covid vaccination, please do make contact and NHS Orkney will assist you. The number to call is 0300 3030 5313.

Today’s Covid figures for Orkney, including sadly 1 new death: 2 New Covid Cases in Orkney

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