Plant Focus: Roots

buttercup roots Image credit Bell

We rarely see the roots of plants, not the whole length of them anyway, because they’re doing their job for the plant mainly under the ground.

Its primary functions are anchorage of the plant, absorption of water and dissolved minerals and conduction of these to the stem, and storage of reserve foods. 


Sometimes they emerge.

Image credit Rosie Hopkins
Image credit Rosie Hopkins

“If a tree falls in the forest there are other trees listening.”

 Tim Flannery, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World

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  1. For a reason, we often talk about roots in different metaphorical aspects. Any root cause analysis is even a daily term for data analysis
    One should know from where they came, how they came here and where they are.
    Seeing a plants roots outside always make me a bit sad.

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