If You’re Waiting For A Mammogram Appointment

By Bernie Bell

I was having an email exchange with someone I know, and we were discussing how some medical appointments are having to be delayed and re-scheduled due to pressure on the NHS.  This can’t be helped at the moment and the NHS staff deserve medals all round – or better still a decent pay rise – for the hours and effort and care they are putting into their work at this time.

But – appointments are being delayed – some for specific treatments, some for the more usual, on-going appointments, such as for mammograms.  Some of these check-ups need to be carried out by trained people, and it is best to have a proper mammogram, even if having to wait for it can’t be helped just now.

This exchange made me think though – people can check their own breasts while waiting for the full-on check-up – some folk are aware of how to do this – I am fortunate in having had two sisters who were nurses and who taught me all sorts of things!

But, for those  who usually don’t take things into their own hands, as it were, here is a simple guide to breast examination.

At the risk of some censure for being flippant about a serious subject…..I’ll tell a tale of someone I knew years ago, who’s breast lump was noticed by her partner when they were…..getting frisky.  So checking your breasts doesn’t have to be a chore – know what I mean?

For that matter – it’s a good idea for male people to check themselves too…….


It only takes a few minutes and can, ultimately, be a life-saver.

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