Success for Orkney Judo

On 26th September Orkney Judo  held a grading for its students.

18 juniors members had to perform a series of falling, throwing and pinning technique as well as the knowing the Japanese names and English translation, as laid down by JudoScotland the national governing body, to a degree that the examiners deem acceptable.

For 12 of them this was their first grading. For the coaches it is a reflection on their teaching.

Have they taught their students what they need for the grading but more importantly have they help instil the spirit of judo in them?

Over the next 2 hours they all took their turn to demonstrate what they had learned and perform all the stipulated requirements and then they get to perform their own preferred techniques.

Then it was the turn of the adults.  Only 1 member was ready for grading and they had to follow a similar pattern to the juniors but their syllabus also contains armlocks and strangle or choke holds too.

For the adults and higher junior grades being able to perform the techniques on a static  cooperative partner isn’t enough. They need to perform randori or free practice where they show their abilities in a more competitive arena and have to demonstrate their ability when fighting. After all the students had been assessed grading day was over.

On Sunday 31st October all of the members who undertook their grading were awarded with their hard earned grading certificates.

Congratulations to everyone now it is time to start working on your next set of techniques, terms and most importantly having fun with your friends.

Niall Allison (assistant coach at Orkney Judo)

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  1. Congratulations. This is a story of hard work and deserved success, joy and view for new horizons.