Talking About Tresness

By Bernie Bell

Readers of TON will be aware of my mild obsession with carved stone balls – as evidenced here….

The recent excavations at Tresness weren’t only significant because they added to the total of Orkney carved stone balls – they revealed the remains of an exceptionally well-preserved Neolithic cairn, with alterations in the Bronze Age – we don’t change much, us humans – the appeal of the new.

The Neolithic phase of the Tresness stalled cairn, Sanday. (Hugo Anderson-Whymark)

And now, the UHI Archaeology Institute are hosting a talk by Professor Vicki Cummings of the University of Central Lancashire about her work there with Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark – whose work will be very familiar to all carved stone ball enthusiasts!

The seminar is on-line and open to the public – so, to find out more about it and maybe book a place, click on this link……

I’ve never been to Sanday – we meant to try to go to an island each year, but then life intervened, as it does.  We’ll get there, one day, and maybe visit Tresness…..

The online seminar, Recent excavations at the Neolithic and Bronze Age monument at Tresness, Sanday, takes place on Friday, November 26, from 4-5pm (GMT)

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