By Bernie Bell

The ‘weather’ – a polite term for what’s happening outside at the moment – is keeping me indoors, so I’m going through old emails – deleting some, keeping some.

I came across an email I sent out in February 2016 – before Covid 19 had come from……wherever it came from – and thought the works of Luke Jerram might be of interest to readers of TON.  They’re beautiful – though based on…..viruses.

Here’s what I sent out……..

“I have a bit of a thing against viruses.

I know that some viruses – such as retroviruses – can be very useful in studying and treating other conditions.

Also, I know that everything has its place in LIFE, and just because I can’t see what that place is, doesn’t mean that the organism is ‘wrong’, or deserving of being wiped out.


I get really annoyed with viruses – they cause so much discomfort in the form of ‘minor’ ailments, and also extreme, fatal illnesses, and I can’t see what it’s all for.  As Mike’s Granny used to say “But what’s the point?”

Then I was watching The One Show yesterday evening, and they had an item about this man, who makes glass sculptures based on the shapes of viruses.

This doesn’t mean that I accept them or forgive them for all the damage they do, but it does make me view them a bit differently.

But still…I ask you all….please……

 * Get the vaccine when you are offered it

Wear a face covering where required  

* Wash your hands regularly, and cover your nose and mouth if coughing or sneezing

 * Self isolate and take a PCR test if you have symptoms

Take regular tests if you don’t have symptoms to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

 * Meet outside if you can, and open windows when indoors

 * Keep your distance from people not in your group

* Work from home, or do a mixture of home and office working if possible

 * Use the apps: COVID status (vaccine passport), Protect Scotland and Check-in Scotland

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