The Sea

By Bernie Bell

I like to stand with my feet in the water at the edge of the sea.

Even wearing my wellies, I like the feel of it.

Then, yesterday, looking at Robinson R.R.’s most recent sculpture which is a memorial to the people drowned in the English Channel.

I thought of how that same sea that I like to connect with – has drowned people.

Through time the waters of the world – have drowned people.

That had never really hit home before, until those people drowned in the Channel through the care-less-ness of other people.

And I wondered how would I feel about standing in and communing with that same sea?

But – the sea didn’t kill them. It was just being what it is. I might as well rail at the rain for making me wet.

The sea didn’t kill those people.  We did.  Us. Fellow Human Beings.

That’s who killed them.

The sea is just….the sea.

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