A New Book About Rock Art In Scotland!

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

It’s described as a booklet, but there’s an awful lot of it.  I tend to think of booklets as flimsy things and this…..ain’t flimsy!

I want to say something about it but, for once, am stumped for what to say!   It’s a huge subject, and would take more than one book to cover it, but this one covers the different aspects and approaches to it, giving places and sources and leaving the reader to then explore and discover the different lines of interest for themselves, if they wish.

Prehistoric Rock Art In Scotland – Archaeology Meaning and Engagement’ has been produced and published by Scotland’s Rock Art Project (ScRAP), a five-year programme working with communities across the country to record, research and raise awareness of prehistoric rock carvings.

ScRAP was based at Historic Environment Scotland – another instance of when I’m pleased to pay my dues to that organization.

It’s free to download– informative – interesting – got good pictures………

Prehistoric Rock Art in Scotland

It’ll keep me quiet for a bit.

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  1. N.B.

    Scotland’s Rock Art Project has now come to an end. However, their website and interactive database (https://www.rockart.scot/) will be accessible for several more years, but they will not be adding any further data or information. Any new rock art data will now be uploaded to Canmore (https://canmore.org.uk/), where you can also access all the ScRAP data.
    You can view a large selection of their 3D models on their Sketchfab account (https://sketchfab.com/ScottishRockArt/models), as well as accessing them via the individual panel records on their website.

    I recommend visiting Kilmartin Glen for rock-art overload!

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