31 New #Covid Cases in Orkney

The cumulative total of Covid cases in Orkney is now at 1,111 as 31 new positive test results were published in the Health Board area today, 23rd December 2021.

Across Orkney from 14th to 20th of December 2021 the recorded cases were as follows:

  • West Mainland: 11
  • Stromness, Stenness, Sandwick: 3
  • East Mainland: 48
  • Isles:16

The stats for Scotland published on 23rd of December 2021 are as follows:

  • 6,215 new cases of COVID-19 reported*
  • 54,863 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results*
    • 12.7% of these were positive
  • 11 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive
  • 38 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
  • 540 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
  • 4,377,002 people have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination, 4,003,377 have received their second dose, and 2,782,462 have received a third dose or booster.

* On 22 December, Public Health Scotland (PHS) experienced a technical issue that meant that the new reported positive case number was lower than expected (2,434). This has been resolved and the new cases figure for 22 December should have been 5,967. This has been corrected in our trends file and these cases are included in today’s cumulative figures.

PHS also note there continues to be an impact on turnaround times between specimens being taken and results reported, due to larger volumes of tests being processed by labs.


In the week ending 19 December, 68 deaths were registered where COVID-19 was on the death certificate.

16 deaths were aged under 65, 14 were aged 65-74 and there were 38 deaths in people aged 75 or over.

Glasgow City (13 deaths), City of Edinburgh (7 deaths) and South Lanarkshire (7 deaths) had the highest numbers of deaths at council level. In total, 22 (out of 32) council areas had at least one death last week.

51 deaths were in hospitals, 6 were in care homes and 11 were at home or in a non-institutional setting.

Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services, said:

“The latest figures show that last week there were 68 deaths where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. This is 17 fewer deaths than the previous week.”

“The number of deaths from all causes registered in Scotland in this week was 1,339, which is 103, or 8%, more than the five year average.” 

Since the start of the outbreak:

  • 9,812 people have died who have tested positive as at 23  December
  • 12,372 deaths have been registered in Scotland where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate up to 19 December
  • 29% of COVID-19 registered deaths related to deaths in care homes, 64% were in hospitals and 7% were at home or non-institutional settings (as at 19 December)

There will be no updates published on 25-28 December and 14 January from the Scottish Government. On Wednesday 29 December and Wednesday 5 January, the latest daily data for that day and the previous 4 days will be published.

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  1. I was thinking – I can’t see when we’re going to come through this.
    Personally, I wonder if I will come through this.
    I’m getting older and less able to do things. When I try to see myself having the life I had pre March 2020, it’s hard to see it happening.

    But – I had a lot of good times in my life and the future is for the young, in which to re-shape the world.
    Trouble is – the young tend to be the ones who don’t wear masks and behave as they should.
    Maybe because they are young.

    I’m not giving up – I/we will carry on living as we live – doing what we do – doing what we can do and, one day maybe we’ll be able to live something like as we used to.

    I wouldn’t want to be young now, though – it’s going up and down, up and down. There’s no shape to it – no way of seeing how it’s going to pan out.

    And this is Orkney. What about………….

  2. The irony of this is someone who works for dial a bus continues to go into work this week knowing his daughter who is 11 and lives with him had tested positive for covid because “he has no more sick days left”. Sat on the ferry from flotta in the disabled room with others (he doesn’t have a disability just decided to spread the love of germs with no mask on) to the vunerable and then also go and transfer vunerable people backwards and forwards just in time for them to get germs for Christmas. Amazing eh!!!

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