Singing The National Anthem

– of England, that is…..

By Bernie Bell

I read about Tory M.P. Andrew Rosindell’s suggestion to the House of Commons that public service broadcasters, including the BBC, should play the English National Anthem at the end of each day to honour the Platinum Jubilee of Lizzie Two.

I was reminded of the occasion some years ago when the members of a band that I know were asked to play the English National Anthem at the end of a gig.  Being Scots they were troubled by this – didn’t want to – but – they needed the gig, which could lead to more at the same venue, and, in fact, did lead to more at the same venue, as they are a good band.

I suggested something, which was that they could play and sing the required dirge, but think about …a Queen of their choice.

I was at the gig, and said that’s what I’d do as they were playing ‘God Save The Queen’ – whilst singing along, I’d be referring to Boudicca, as she is the Queen of my choice.

The word ‘Queen’ can also have various meanings – I don’t think Quentin Crisp would have objected to my thinking of him, either.  I once attended ‘An Evening With Quentin Crisp’ – and he was delightful.  Definitely a Queen to send good wishes to – prepared to defy the establishment’s view of ….Queens.

And there’s always The Sex Pistols version…….broadcasters could play that ……

“Her Fascist regime” –  Prescient words from Johnny Rotten.

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  1. Back in the mid-70s my band played a gig on ‘the other side of town’ where we had to keep our origin and religions quiet. At the end of the night we were told to sing the National Anthem. Panic set in. Luckily our rhythm guitarist, Gerry, said he could play it and phew, relief. The crowd was duly asked to stand and got silence. At the last minute Gerry whipped out this tiny harmonica and started playing it into the microphone. I thought we were dead, but started singing the words of the only bit of it I knew they let us live! I learned it properly next day.

    • Hi Eamonn

      This reminds me of the first time we needed to get to the West of Ireland from Orkney, which meant travelling through ‘The North’.
      Knowing how I am, one of my nephews advised that I should keep my mouth shut and not get into any arguments.
      I thought he was exaggerating, – until I saw the Union Jacks painted on the edges of the kerbstones.

      Isn’t it the greatest load of non-sense and baloney.

      On a different note- I hope you’re doing fiiiiine.

  2. Great idea!! The more they go in for UK Nationalist pranks like this the more folk in the three other countries of the UK are likely to think of voting for indpendence

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