North Ronaldsay Re-cycling!

By Bernie Bell

Readers of TON might remember when a group of North Ronaldsay folk got together to try to raise funds to buy  machinery which would re-cycle plastic, and would thereby provide them with material to make things from that plastic – turning rubbish into useful and attractive objects.

Precious Plastic North Ronaldsay aims to build a plastic recycling centre, transform beach plastic waste into new products and turn the problem into a solution.

“As someone in ‘Alice’ advised, I’ll begin at the beginning, go on to the end, then stop. “

Well, their appeal for funding worked, they got their machine, got the processing of the plastic established, and today we received our mat……

…..which is even better than we thought it would be – it looks more like natural rope than plastic!

We’re very pleased with it, and it will take pride of place outside our front door to remind folk to wipe their muddy boots!

If you’d like to see what the folk at Transition North Ronaldsay are up to now……

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  1. Thanks Bernie! Glad you like the mat – a big thanks to Mark at Afrayedknot for coming out to deliver an excellent workshop for the community. We look forward to reprocessing more beach waste and plastic into products in the near future. Olly (on behalf of Transition North Ronaldsay CIC)

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