A Fox’s Tale – For #Ukraine

By Bernie Bell

I received an email from Cary Welling, owner of the Northlight Gallery in Stromness, where she explained a plan she has to help the people of the Ukraine by holding an Art Sale.  This item then appeared in TON, which explains further…

I was trying to think of something to donate – we’re not artists, don’t even collect art, as such.

I was sitting at my desk, thinking, when I saw the painting of Wee Frisky by Jackie Morris on the wall of my den, and I thought that would be just the thing. I checked with Jackie that she was happy for me to go ahead, and she said it’s fine by her.

Here’s the tale of how I came to have the painting…

Last September Jackie Morris, on her blog  https://www.jackiemorris.co.uk/for-the-love-of-postcards/ , asked people to tell her of postcards which mattered to them, and I wrote this….

“Bernie Bell says:September 19, 2021 at 2:39 pm

One of the most precious things I have is a postcard which my Mum sent me when she and my Auntie Bridie (Mum’s sister) and their friend Bea O’Hara went to Lourdes about 40 years ago. It’s precious because it has her hand-writing on it, and is written very much how she talked.

I don’t have anything else belonging to her – but I do have a head-full of memories, and her teaching, and guidance, and sayings, and words of songs, and…and…and….”

Then Jackie sent a postcard-sized painting which she’d done of a fox to – I think it was four of the people who had sent in their tales, and I was one of them.

And I thanked Jackie, thus……

“I named the fox Wee Frisky, and she is now on the wall in my den, just to the left of my desk.  I decided not to frame her, as I thought that might constrain her. She’s frisking over the feather across the way from  three hares circling on a medallion – given to me by Jeanne, who likes to paint…three hares circling.

We’re very pleased that she’s come into our house. I’m not sure if she’s quite to be trusted – she has a look in her eye. I think she might gnaw the furniture and make a den under the desk.  She’s welcome to do so, as long as she doesn’t nibble my toes. She can lick them, but not nibble them.

I’ll tell you what, Jackie – I have days when I go into the Badlands https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/04/13/the-pit-the-wasteland/

Now, I will look at Frisky, remember where she came from, and that you were pleased that she came to me. I hope that she’s pleased, too.

Yes, she’ll remind me, in the dark days, that yesterday was a good day, and that good days do happen! Thank you, again.


When Mike went into Stromness to do the shopping, he dropped Wee Frisky off with Cary, and so she will be there, for sale, for those who appreciate Jackie Morris.  She not only has a tale to go with her, she brings good vibes with her too!  You can change her name if you like!

It’s signed and dated by Jackie, on the back.

This is a very, very good idea of  Cary’s, and I hope the sale goes well.

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