“The past week has been stormy”

Some things never change. Looking at the weather reports for Orkney for this week in 1861, The Orkney Herald and Advertiser reported on the “wind, hail, and sleet, with lightning at nights, being its predominant features.”

The weather disrupted the sailing of the steamer to Scotland and to the delivery of mail.

“Our mail arrangements continue to be seriously disturbed by the rough weather. On Thursday morning we had no post from the south, but at eight in the evening it arrived, and letters were delivered the same night.

“Since that time we have had no mail from the south except the Aberdeen correspondence, which arrived by the steamer yesterday afternoon. “

And the weather report adds:

“there has been almost incessant wind, with showers of hail and sleet; and yesterday morning the earth was covered with a thin coating of snow.”

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