Bringing Fun into the Classroom

Parents concerned about a lack of fun in the classroom are hoping to see a change in Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence.

The mental wellbeing of children is their top concern and the parents witnessed first hand how being away from their school pals affected their kids.

The parents have launched a petition to see Clown Skills brought into learning and teaching across all Scotland’s schools.

Clowning skills have been around for centuries and have provided entertainment for all ages. There are some which are quite technical involving precision timing and others which defy the laws of physics by being able to fit 40 clowns into a small car.

Pioneering parent Peter Parkinson, 36, said:

“Clown skills involve all areas of the curriculum, science, art, drama, history, mathematics and physical education. They also often require team work.

“The importance of team work was displayed when my own 3 children got together with several of the neighbours kids and clambered into my Citroën C3. Only one needed his inhaler after the experience. It taught them a lot.”

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Peter Parkinson watches as his children experiment with his car
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And as schools are finding keeping going difficult with Covid-19 still on the run, Clown Skills are excellent for home schooling.

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Mandy Miller, 29, explained:

“I just love cooking with my kids. Allowing them the run of the kitchen so that they can experiment with custard pies was a joy for me.

“At first they missed a few of the targets but the dog soon mopped those up. After two hours they got me in the face with every shot, even when I ran into the living room, up the stairs and hid under the bed. “

The parents have got the backing of educational experts. Doris Davidson, Professor of Child Psychology, commented:

“We all need to embrace our inner child. Peace to the World.”

All those wishing to sign click on this link: petition

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Reporter: Fergus Graemsay

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